About Us

Pleasant Valley Tarp has been in business for the last 31 years.  Dani and Clayton Miller thru trial and error have made the company what it is today.  This company has covered many a boat and whatever else customers would like to preserve. Jim and I, Lori, bought the company in April of 2017.  We worked with Clayton and Dani this first year of owning the company.  They were able to guide us to the process in which things got done. I grew up sewing and making patterns for things I wanted to make, so it wasn’t hard to fit in and take over the business.  Our company takes great pride in covering your precious items.  We are known for our boat covers, which keeps us busy all summer, but we can also cover many other items which you will be able to look at in our gallery.  We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve the community in the fashion we are known for. 

Remember our slogan,  We've got you covered.


Jim & Lori