Custom Projects

We don't just do standard boat covers here at Pleasant Valley Tarp. Over our 31 years in business we have done many, many custom projects for our customers. No matter how big or how small, we can make a high quality, durable, custom cover to protect your valuable belongings. Below are just a few custom projects we have done.


Canoe cover

We were amazed at the craftsmanship when this beautiful canoe come into our shop. We were able to design and sew a custom cover that will protect it for years to come.

Porch SHades

We can create custom shades to fully protect your covered porch or patio.

tractor cover

Protect yourself from the elements with a custom cover for your tractor.

deck railing covers

This customer wanted to protect the wooden deck railings at his lake house. We did on-site measurements of all of his railings, then designed and created custom covers that look great and will keep the railings looking like new.

Please contact us today to discuss your custom project!